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Synthetic Camphor Isobornyl Acetate
Gum Rosin P-Cymene
Borneol Dipentene
Camphor DAB6 FLAKES Camphene
Crystalline Sodium Acetate
Add:Huiyao Industrial Park, Jianyang City, Fujian Province
  Located at Jianyang city Fujian Province, Southeast of China,Jianyang Chemical Plant, the former of Fujian Green Pine Co., Ltd was established in 1958 as a state owned Gum Rosin plant. The first production line of Synthetic Camphor commenced into production in 1973. Since Ke brothers acquired the plant in 2001 and renamed it as Jianyang Green Pine Chemical Co., Ltd, Green Pine has been developing greatly and has become the leading manufacturer of Synthetic Camphor in the world with annual capacity of 8000mt. As a high-technology company, Green Pine has been focusing on research, manufacturing and sale of Turpentine derivatives,increased registered capital to RMB50 million then registered as Fujian Green Pine Co., Ltd in May, 2009. Application in various industries such as pharmaceutical, Flavor & Fragrances, Paint and Incense etc.
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